Our story

Proudly releasing the power of psilocybin



To educate and provide high-quality Psilocybin products to improve mental and physical health.

why we started

SPIKED Everything is the lifestyle brand for psilocybin-powered wellness.

Designed to elevate the mind, body, and spirit; along with removing the misinformation and stigma around psilocybin use. We truly believe psilocybin can bring us closer to the best version of ourselves while also bringing us closer to nature and one another. 

In 2020 the world was turned upside down and we began to see just how stressed people were. As advocates of the benefits of psilocybin magic mushrooms, the SPIKED founders thought psilocybin could be used as a form of medicine for all these stressed-out people to reduce things like anxiety, depression, and other psychological distress. 

While scouring the internet for Psilocybin infused products it was evident that options were limited, mainly to psilocybin mushrooms also known as shrooms and psilocybin-infused gummies. There was a glaring hole in great-tasting, shroom baked goods, like cookies. This could be rooted in misinformation online, in the past, it was thought that baking psilocybin would decrease the potency. This led to the creation of the first and number one psilocybin magic mushroom infused cookie available in the market, the SPIKED Cookie